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About School

Sadhu Vaswani (also written as "Vasvani") School for Girls started its function in July 1997, at University road area of Rajkot, which is now proudly known as Sadhu Vaswani Marg. Sadhu Vaswani school for Girls is recognized by the Government of Gujarat, India with registered index number 14.179 for HSC and index number 64.461 and 64.468 for SSC Gujarati and SSC English Medium. Sadhu Vaswani School for Girls is Kanya UM Shala in Gujarati Language. Our School is proudly affiliated with the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Gandhinagar.


The school is known for delivering excellent performance in terms of academic results and sports. Today the total number of students is nearly 1300 and there is a team of about fifty dynamic & dedicated teachers working under the guidance of Principal.

Sadhu Vaswani School For Girls is managed by Sadhu Vaswani Centre (Saurastra) Rajkot ,Which is a trust registered under Bombay Public Trust Act with registration No E.1482; in year 1985. This is a small and humble centre of Sadhu Vaswani Mission PUNE for the Saurashtra region in state of Gujarat - India. The Constitution of the Sadhu Vaswani Centre (Saurastra) Rajkot is prepared by Sadhu Vaswani Mission Pune.

Sadhu Vaswani School For Girls is inscribed on the name of a holy one "Sadhu Vaswani" who was a freedom fighter Saint, a Philospher & a Great Teacher. Sadhu Vaswani School For Girls is a servant of the World's sages, rishis and saints.

Education means complete progress of a child but in today's world schools only provides bookish knowledge to the students. Where as our Sadhu Vaswani School For Girls makes efforts to provide bookish and spiritual knowledge both together. Triple type education of Head, Hand, and Heart. Our school's educational system is based on service, simplicity, purity and prayer with the help of which students get an education with mental peace.

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Specialties of our Pre-primary to Higher Secondary School are based upon five principles of our Dadaji- Character building, Service, Indian ideals, Respect to all religions, Spiritual unfolding. For fun and to give our students time to enjoy trips, tours and trekking expeditions are organized during the school holidays with a view to develop a spirit of adventure and love of open air, giving students an insight into the variety, diversity and unity of our land. The school also organizes day long educational trips from time to time.

The students & teachers are also provided opportunity to visit Sadhu Vaswani Mission - Pune & meet Rev. Dadaji where they get platform of character building & spiritual knowledge.

The aim & object of our school is also to impart integrated and comprehensive education which is formative and not merely informative. It lays emphasis on full development of the student's character and personality which should normally lead them to self-fulfillment and dedicated service to the society.  The information which was earlier found on the old website can be found on this site.

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Principal's Desk 

We emphasize quality in education so students are taught to have faith in themselves. "Believe Yourselves".

We say to students of the Sadhu Vaswani School For Girls "Believe and Achieve"

Today more than 1300 students are studying in Sadhu Vaswani School For Girls from Play House to std. 12th in this school under the Supervision of Principal

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Our Events

We at Sadhu Vaswani make sure our students particpate in extra curricular activies to prepare them to be socially responsible.

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