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About SVS Gaikwad1

Our School is based on four principles:- Service, Simplicity, Purity and Prayer. It works to provide the best knowledge to our students and to develop noble virtues in them. The school starts with Prayer, as per the weekly planning of Standard wise Prayer. After the prayer, the main motto of the school, the learning begins. Great care is taken in the activities of the cultivation of noble character, politeness, self-discipline, civility, and noble virtues. Any difficult lesson or task is well explained and made it easy by either giving illustrations from stories or by easy explanations given by the teachers. Special care is taken for weak students. There is a monthly Pre - Planning for the whole year so that the education may not be overloaded or burdensome to students. There are five monthly tests and also 1st & 2nd Terminal Examinations in which the students appear and internal marks are added to the annual results. Thus, learning makes the child self-dependent.

Computer Education is provided at the very primary level so that the students may be self-reliant. With a view to making Sindhi students aware to their mother tongue, and its significance, Sindhi is taught as a subject from 3rd std to Sindhi students.

To increase the interest in Science and Maths, a science exhibition is organized. Students also participate in inter-school competitions.

Celebration of Hero Days and Holy Days are observed in our Sanctuary period. Students narrate incidents from the lives of great ones. They also enact small skits revealing great truth of life.


The school runs in two shifts. Morning shift English Medium and afternoon shift Gujarati Medium. We are having about 230 students in Pre-Primary Section English & Gujarati Medium. In Primary Gujarati Medium there are 365 students & in Primary English Medium there are 319 students. Secondary Gujarati Medium consists of 95 students & 50 students in Secondary English Medium. There are about 76 students in higher Secondary Gujarati & English Medium.

The Sanctuary is an important and integral feature of the Educational Institutions run under the banner of Sadhu Vaswani Mission.

Sanctuary is to St. Mira's what a flame is to a moth, the sun to the sunflower and a breath of fresh air to a drowning man. Sadhu T.L. Vaswani, the enlightened founder of the School started the Mira Educational Institutions with sole purpose of providing integral education to students with special emphasis on character building, spiritual unfolding, service (seva), reverence for all life, respect for all scriptures, religions and universal brotherhood.

The Sanctuary therefore, is what makes Sadhu Vaswani School unique. The school puts full effort to see that the students who leave the school are epitomes of the great ideals of humanity.

The Sanctuary is the first period of the School. All the students of the School gather together and offer non sectarian, universal prayers to God, recite mantras and quotations culled from world scriptures. Everyday some enlightening talk is given to the children. The topics choosen for such talks are graded according to the level of the students. Talks on simple values like truth and honesty ,anger and contentment,service and prayer.


Principal's Desk 

We emphasize quality in education so students are taught to have faith in themselves. "Believe Yourselves".

We say to students of the Sadhu Vaswani School For Girls "Believe and Achieve"

Today more than 1300 students are studying in Sadhu Vaswani School For Girls from Play House to std. 12th in this school under the Supervision of Principal having teaching experience in high school of 14 years.

Our Events

We at Sadhu Vaswani make sure our students particpate in extra curricular activies to prepare them to be socially responsible.

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