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About Sadhu Vaswani Paramedical Center

Apart from Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools in Rajkot, The Sadhu Vaswani Mission also runs Sadhu Vaswani Paramedical Education courses along with a fully equipped hospital for medical training to all students

Sadhu Vaswani Paramedical College is a prestigious institution dedicated to providing exceptional paramedical education. With a strong commitment to academic excellence and professional development, the college equips students with the knowledge, skills, and practical training needed to excel in the field of paramedicine. The college offers a wide range of specialized programs, supported by experienced faculty and state-of-the-art facilities. Students at Sadhu Vaswani Paramedical College benefit from a nurturing and inclusive learning environment that encourages personal growth and fosters a sense of community. The college's emphasis on holistic education and ethical values ensures that graduates not only possess the necessary technical expertise but also demonstrate compassion and empathy towards patients. With a focus on delivering quality healthcare professionals, Sadhu Vaswani Paramedical College remains a leading institution in the field, shaping the future of paramedical education.

Our Mission

Our vision is to create a learning environment that promotes academic rigor, critical thinking, and lifelong learning, preparing our students to adapt to the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. We aim to instill in our students a deep sense of social responsibility, empathy, and ethical values, enabling them to provide quality healthcare services with compassion and integrity. As a visionary institution, we aspire to contribute to the advancement of healthcare practices and make a significant impact on the well-being of individuals and communities at large.

Our Equipments

Our Results

Sadhu Vaswani College for Paramedical Courses DMLT result from 2022-23 is 90% Congratulations to all students for achieving best results.
Saurashtra University DMLT first topper is of our college


Contact Us


9 Gaikwadi Plot, Sadhu Vaswani Chowk, Gayakwadi Plot, Rajkot - 360001, Opposite Railway Station, Near Junction Police Chowky Rajkot – 360005.




Opening Hours

Mon - Sat

8:00 am – 1:00 pm

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